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DD & OE JU Host Guest Lecture on ‘Role of Youth in Nation Building’ – Tourism Jammu Kashmir

Professor Sudarshan Iyengar giving a lecture at JU on Friday.
Professor Sudarshan Iyengar giving a lecture at JU on Friday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, April 28: The Department of Distance Education, University of Jammu, today held a guest lecture for DD&OE students and the Department of Sports and Physical Education, JU on the theme ‘The Role of Youth in Nation Building’.
The guest speaker was Professor Sudarshan Iyengar, former Vice-Chancellor of Vidyapis, Gujarat, Ahmedabad. He shed light on the challenges facing today’s youth and suggested ways to address them.
Motivate young people to stay committed to achieving their goals by presenting a ‘Gandhian’ perspective and pursuing values ​​such as honesty, non-violence, simplicity, fearlessness and tolerance. I was.
Professor Iyengar elaborated on harmony at the self/individual and social levels, giving examples and explaining cases. He encouraged participants to identify local problems and take a ‘bottom-up’ approach to solving them. “Sustainable lifestyles lead to joy, happiness and well-being,” he added.
Professor Neil Rometra, Director of Distance and Online Education, Chairperson’s Address, on balancing life and action to combine realism and modernization with our country’s indigenous and cultural roots. talked. She encouraged invoking this balance for fruitful results in all walks of life in her personal and professional life.
In his remarks, Prof. Rometra emphasized the value of coexistence in terms of competition for the greater good. The session was coordinated by Dr. Neelam Choudhary and acknowledged by Prof. Anju Tappa. The event was a great success with many students and faculty members participating.

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