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Crystal Hoosie, JD Launches C&D Academy to Offer Online Courses for Clinical Contract Managers and Professionals Worldwide

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Published May 9, 2023

Morrisville, North Carolina – Crystal Foushee, an attorney experienced in clinical contract negotiations, is proud to announce the launch of her premier online academy, C&D Academy, LLC on May 16, 2023. The Academy offers comprehensive online courses designed to assist clinical contract managers and business professionals. Enhance your skills and expertise in contract negotiation, compliance and risk management.

The first course offered by C&D Academy, LLC is “A Beginner’s Guide to Clinical Contract Negotiations: Strategies for Success from Beginners to Experienced Professionals.” This course provides clinical contract managers with a comprehensive understanding of the clinical contract landscape, including key legal, financial and compliance considerations. Attendees will learn best practices for contract negotiation and management, as well as tips for successful risk and vendor management.

With over 15 years of experience in clinical contract negotiations, Crystal Foushee is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive insight and guidance to clinical contract managers looking to improve their skills and expertise. Through C&D Academy, LLC, she is committed to providing the highest quality online education to professionals in the clinical contracting field.

“We are excited to launch C&D Academy, LLC to offer this essential course to clinical contract managers,” said Crystal. “In the increasingly complex landscape of clinical contracts, it is more important than ever to have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage contracts and ensure compliance. We are confident that we will provide clinical contract managers with the tools they need to successfully run their business.” Fulfill your role and achieve your professional goals. ”

Online courses from C&D Academy, LLC are available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Interested participants can visit his website at the Academy for more information and to register for courses.

About C&D Academy LLC

C&D Academy, LLC is an online academy founded by Crystal Foushee of JD to provide comprehensive online courses for clinical contract managers. The Academy is committed to providing quality education to professionals in the field of clinical contracting, improving their skills and helping them achieve their professional goals.

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