Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (Nasdaq: CTHR), a globally recognized fine jewelry company specializing in moissanite and lab-grown diamonds, has announced a new strategic retail partnership with XCEL Brands’ Longaberger announced. In the short term, we will be introducing the product brand Moissanite by Charles & Colvard.® on the Longaberger website.

“We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Longaberger. We are confident that our commitment to superior quality and standards aligns well with their reputation for building communities of like-minded brands. .” Don O’connellPresident and CEO of Charles & Colvard.

Longaberger’s new ‘friends’, Charles & Colvard, has had a strong presence in the growing market of laboratories worldwide for almost 30 years. crafted, unmined™ Gemstones and Fine Jewelery. They believe a conscious approach to bridal, high fashion and everyday jewelry is the future, allowing the Longaberger community to experience the products first hand.

“With 100 years of strengthening the bond between artisans and consumers, Longaberger is proud to continue that mission by partnering with Charles & Colvard. We are leading a new wave of capturing segments,” said Robert. D’Loren, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Xcel Brands, said:

To explore Longaberger’s curated selection of Charles & Colvard fine jewelry, visit the website.

About Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (Nasdaq: CTHR) believes fine jewelry should be as ethical as it is exquisite. Charles & Colvard were the first creators of laboratory-grown moissanite, a rare gemstone formed from silicon carbide. We exclusively market innovative gemstones and fine jewelry. Made, Not Mined™ A dedication to terrestrial gems and 100% recycled precious metals. Forever One™ Moissanite and Caydia® Lab-grown diamond brands offer exceptional quality, incredible value and a conscious approach to bridal, high fashion and everyday jewelry. Charles & Colvard was founded in 1995, North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park region. For more information, see:

About Longaberger

Longaberger, founded by Dave Longaberger Founded in 1973, it is an American home collectibles brand known for its artisan handcrafted products. For generations, the Longaberger family has been making handcrafted maple wood baskets and other household items that have been collected by a loyal community of customers. In 2019, Xcel Brands acquired The Longaberger Company to launch a new digital social selling business model, offering timeless new modern décor products to inspire passionate communities. To join The Longaberger Family as a Home & Life Stylist Program, please visit For more information about the company, please visit our website or @ on social media. longaberger, #longaberger, #thelongabergerfamily.

About the Excel brand

Xcel Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:XELB) is a media company engaged in the design, production, marketing, wholesale and direct-to-consumer sale of branded apparel, footwear, accessories, jewelry, home goods and other consumer goods. and consumer goods companies. Acquiring products and dynamic consumer lifestyle brands. The company has sold him over US$3BB in retail sales through live streaming on TV. Xcel was founded by Robert W. D’Loren in 2011 with a vision to reimagine shopping, entertainment and social media as one. Xcel says he owns Isaac Mizrahi, Judith Lipka, Halston, and C. Wonder brands, owns and manages the Longaberger brands through a controlling interest in Longaberger Licensing LLC, and promotes and sells its own-brand products through interactive television, brick-and-mortar stores. We are pioneering a ubiquitous sales strategy that includes: Mortar retail, e-commerce, peer-to-peer channels.Head office location new york city, Xcel Brands is led by significant livestream production, merchandising, design, production, marketing, retail and licensing experience and a successful management team of successful branded consumer goods companies. I’m here. With a team of experienced professionals focused on design, production and digital marketing, Xcel controls product quality and promotion across all product categories and distribution channels. Xcel is differentiated by design.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Statements expressing expectations regarding our future prospects and projections regarding our products, sales, revenue and profits are typical of such statements and are made under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding our plans, objectives, representations and controversies and are not historical facts and are generally Identified using terms such as “is,” “is,” “should,” “may,” “expect,” and “intend.” We use words such as “plan,” “project,” “believe,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “continue,” and other forward-looking statements differently.

All forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties inherent in future projections. Although the forward-looking statements contained herein represent management’s current judgment and expectations, actual results may differ from those projected, stated or implied by these forward-looking statements. Note that it can vary greatly. (1) our business and results of operations could be materially adversely affected as a result of general economic and market conditions; (2) Our future financial performance depends on increased consumer acceptance, increased sales of our products and operational execution of our strategic initiatives. (3) face intense competition in the global gem and jewelry industry; (4) Our international operations, distribution channels and vendors expose us to certain risks. (5) Our inability to timely fulfill orders could have a material adverse effect on our business and results of operations. (6) From time to time, we may encounter quality control issues that may lead to loss of revenue and damage to our brand and reputation. (7) When there is a possibility that our business will be interrupted due to a natural disaster. (8) Sales of moissanite and lab-grown diamond jewelry may be subject to the price of precious metals. (9) Our current customers may view us as competitors in the finished jewelry business. (10) We rely on a single supplier for virtually all of the silicon carbide (SiC) crystals we use to manufacture our moissanite jewelry. If the supply of his high quality SiC crystals is interrupted, it could cause serious damage to our business. (11) If e-commerce opportunities change dramatically, or if e-commerce technologies or providers change models, our operating results could be adversely affected. (12) Execution of our business plans may have a significant impact on our liquidity. (13) Negative or inaccurate information on social media may adversely affect our brand and reputation. (14) Environmental, social and governance issues can affect our business, reputation, financial condition and results of operations. (15) In addition to other risks and uncertainties detailed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, our failure to maintain compliance with the continued listing requirements of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange of common stock may be delisted (“SEC”), including Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022 Subsequent reports filed with the SEC. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. We undertake no obligation to update or revise such statements to reflect new circumstances or unanticipated events arising, except as required by federal securities laws. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to discuss other factors related to our business.

Company Contact:

Clint J. PeteChief Financial Officer, 919-468-0399, [email protected]

Investor Contact: Lytham Partners, Robert Blummanaging partner; Adam LowensteinerVice President, (646) 829-9702, [email protected]

Source: Charles & Colvard, Ltd.

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