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Business | 05/06/2023 Edition

In an attempt to stem further bank disruption, California regulators First Republic Bank, a San Francisco-based regional lender, has been placed in federal trustees. Most of the bank was then sold to JPMorgan Chase after a tender auction. This is the second largest bank failure in American history. The rescue did little to allay concerns about the health of other mid-sized regional banks. Pacific Western Bank shares plunged after reports that lenders were considering strategic options.

The Federal Reserve issued a stinging report on the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank March.blamed SVBmanagement said a law passed by parliament in 2018 lowered oversight standards for failing to recognize the “seriousness of the bank’s material shortcomings.” He called for stronger regulation. The report also points to social media as a factor that “may have fundamentally changed the speed of bank crackdowns.”

Federal Reserve Raises Benchmarks interest rate It ranges from 5% to 5.25% in further quarter percentage point increments. Markets interpreted the slight change in central bank guidance as potentially the last of this particular cycle, which was the 10th consecutive rise.

of European Central Bank We raised the deposit rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 3.25%. Eurozone consumer price inflation rose slightly in April to 7% on an annualized basis. Currency bloc economies grew 1.3% year-on-year in the first quarter. That’s a slower pace than his previous three quarters, according to that metric.

of Reserve Bank of Australia The market was surprised when the rate was raised by a quarter of a percentage point to 3.85%. The bank kept rates unchanged in April, suggesting the rapid rate hikes are over.

destructive potential of generative artificial intelligence Chegg, a provider of online learning support services, says that using ChatGPT Students were starting to have an impact on earnings. The chief executive tried to assure investors that this was “not like the sky falling” and that the impact would be “very marginal.” Chegg’s stock plummeted, driving down shares of other online education companies.

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The Writers Guild of America has called for its first strike in 15 years over a dispute over compensation with studios including Apple, Disney and Netflix.of TV and filmmaker The studio says it’s creating a “gig economy” for the industry. I want to restrict the use of AI Scripting in progress. The final hiatus by a Hollywood screenwriter lasted his 100 days.

Jeffrey Hintonone of the pioneers of AI, resigned from Google to speak his mind on technology. Hinton, 75, said: AI Developing too rapidly, the idea of ​​betraying people was no longer “30 to 50 years” away. He asked for many safety protocols. A.I.

big oil company Last year saw record profits on the back of soaring oil prices.There wasn’t much evidence of that in the first quarter, but profits are expected to fall as oil prices have fallen significantly. blood pressure reported a potential profit of $5 billion. That’s better than expected, but below his $6.2 billion in the same period last year. Shell’s adjusted earnings of $9.6 billion improved from a year ago, as did Chevron’s net income of $6.6 billion. ExxonMobil’s net profit doubled to his $11.4 billion.

armthe British chip designer being spun off by Softbank, IPO Later this year. Expected to list shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange, it could raise up to $10 billion, making him one of the biggest companies. IPOin America in the last ten years.

Indian discount airline Go First has entered bankruptcy protection, blaming Pratt & Whitney engine problems for grounding half of its fleet. indian airlinesThis comes on the heels of news that air travel within India hit a record high of 456,000 passengers flew in a single day. He topped 37.5 million domestic travelers in the first quarter, halving compared to the same period last year.

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Alan Joyce, one of the most militant figures in aviation, Qantas AirwaysHe will be replaced by Chief Financial Officer Vanessa Hudson. Last year, the term “Joyced” was coined to reflect passenger complaints about “flying kangaroos” over canceled flights and an increase in lost luggage.

Investor group sued Adidas, which claims to have known about Kanye West’s “extreme behavior” for years before cutting ties with the singer. will stop selling the brand’s sportswear and suffer from declining sales.The complaint alleges staff knew about his anti-Semitism. He is said to have wanted to name the album after Hitler. Adidas responded by promising to defend itself against “baseless claims.”

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