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Best Mother’s Day gifts for wives

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

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Mother’s Day 2023 is this Sunday, May 14! That means you can count the days down to when you need your wife’s Mother’s Day gift to arrive on just one hand. That’s not a lot of time—but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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For the wife in your life who also happens to be a terrific mom, don’t skimp on getting her a great gift just because you snoozed on the date. While Mother’s Day flowers are always a slam dunk, this is a list of two dozen amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make her feel extra special and will make her think you’ve been planning this gift for months!

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This list is 100% curated by wives and mothers, so we promise every single one will be a slam dunk for the wife in your life.

1. For the one who loves a good skincare routine: A Tatcha skincare set

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

For the ultimate in relaxation one of these 5-step skincare routines from Tatcha are just what she needs for a calming end-of-the-day routine, and for utterly glowing skin.

The Japanese beauty and skincare brand has curated its most popular products into a these easy step-by-step sets that home in on her skincare needs. Select a set for soothing, hydrating, nourishing or pore-perfecting for the ultimate skincare reset.

$75 at Amazon

2. For the one who deals with constant distractions: An Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

We love being mothers but if there is one thing we can universally agree on, it’s that once you have a child you’ll never be able to enjoy a perfectly hot cup of coffee or tea again. This smart mug by Ember is here to change all that and to let her enjoy her morning cup again!

One of our top coffee mugs, the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, is temperature controlled for a perfectly warm cup every time—and it’ll stay warm until the house is calm enough for her to drink it.

$120 at Amazon

3. For the one who loves a good soak: Royal Craft Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

A bath is a perfect escape from the chaos. Treat her to our best-reviewed bath tray for a bathtime that will truly feel luxurious. 

The Royal Craft Luxury Bathtub Caddy is made from natural bamboo and perfectly expands to fit across any tub. Even better, it has a perfectly-sized compartment for each of her bathtime necessities, including a phone, a book, a table, a glass of wine and anything else she needs to make bathtime more luxurious. Add our favorite LifeAround2Angels bath bombs for a truly pampering gift.

$46 at Amazon

4. For the one who craves some inner calm: A portable essential oil diffuser

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

For an olfactory upgrade, the Asakuki Portable Essential Oil Diffuser is our favorite affordable diffuser. It’s sleek, it’s affordable and it looks beautiful. This tiny little powerhouse of a diffuser beats out the competition to perfectly distribute oils to create a noticeable but not overwhelming scent.

This lovely little diffuser makes a great gift for a wife who you think has everything else. Pair it with some high-quality essential oils (if you only buy one, make it soothing lavender) for a perfect gift for the mom who needs some self-care.

$25 at Amazon

5. For the one who wants a better French Press: A Fellow Clara French press with an insulated carafe

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

There is a reason why the Fellow Clara carafe is a cult favorite. Not only does it have fill lines for fool-proof and perfectly measured French press coffee every time, it’s made with an insulated carafe that will keep the coffee the perfect temp for hours.

This exquisite, stylish and insulated carafe and press has enhanced filtration mesh, which makes for a ground- and sediment-free cup, and its “perfect pour” system ensures not a single drop goes to waste. We’ve had this French press for years and nothing compares to it.

For a complete gift: Pair this press with Seattle’s Good Coffee Company’s organic dark roast. These beans have big, bold citrus and floral notes. The oils and deep rich flavor of these beans make it perfect for the French press brewing application.

$100 at Amazon

6. For the one who needs a personal masseuse: A heated shiatsu massager

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

If your hands are getting tired from her need for a nightly massage, she will love this take-anywhere pillow massager that’s 100% hands-free and that she won’t even need you to hold into place.

I own this heated shiatsu massager and I absolutely love it. Unless you’re a certified masseuse that doesn’t mind giving hour-long massages on the daily, you need to get this for her. Forget all other back massagers. This is the one that will bring her calm and peace and will go to town on those stubborn back knots. 

While massage guns are getting all the chatter these days, nothing beats a rolling, warming shiatsu massage to work tirelessly on stress points. This hands-free pillow is perfect for propping up against on the couch, in bed or even in her work chair. 

$50 at Amazon

7. For the one that wants to revamp her workout routine: Bala Bangles

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

They look cute and they work hard! Bala Bangles are functional, stylish and a great way to add a bit of resistance to her neighborhood walks, barre workouts or yoga routines.

A favorite among celebrities, influencers and everyday fitness folks, these Shark Tank-winning weights can be worn on ankles or wrists, and their weight can be altered by removing individual blocks. These light and trendy weights come in 1- and 2-pound options and an array of colors to add a little boost to her workout routine. 

Starting at $55 at Amazon

8. For the one that loves her fresh herbs: A countertop LED herb garden

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

If Mom loves her fresh herbs or she wants to garden but has little space to do so, the iDoo Hydroponics Growing System is the perfect gift. With adjustable LED light modes, this smart garden provides an optimal sunlight spectrum for growing depending on a plant’s stage in development. 

This indoor smart garden can easily fit a kitchen counter and can grow up to seven plants, making it easy to have instant access to fresh herbs all year round. Pair with a little seed pack to get her started!

$90 at Amazon

9. For the one with a green thumb: The prettiest watering can

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

And keep those herbs and other house plants well-watered, with this adorable watering can. It’s both cute and chic and the curved and extra-long spout makes it extra easy to keep that beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet you sent her hydrated.

$25 at Amazon

10. For the one who’s a baking phenom: A stunning KitchenAid stand mixer

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

If she didn’t already get one for your wedding, trust us, she’s still pining for a KitchenAid standing mixer.

We tested it and it’s the best, period. If mom doesn’t own this iconic mixer yet and she loves to bake, it’s time to get her one. She can combine baking ingredients, knead bread dough, whisk meringue and even make her own pasta at home. Plus, there’s a wide range of useful attachments that can accompany her mixer, meaning you’ve got the next few years of gifts planned out for you. 

$600 at Amazon

11. For the one who loves a perfect grind: The best burr grinder

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

With five grind settings that range from espresso to French press, the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder was the best burr grinder we tried will inspire her inner barista for a perfectly ground cup every time. 

Our reviewers ranked this as the best coffee grinder of 2023 for its perfect grind no matter what the setting. This gift is great on its own, or with the Fellow Clara French Press carafe and the Seattle’s Good Coffee Company’s organic dark roast we love so much.

$100 at Amazon

12. For the wife with fitness goals: A Garmin Vívoactive 4

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

This goal-setting watch will not only keep her workouts on track, it looks pretty glam while doing so. Not only does this smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid track her steps and workouts, but the Garmin Vívoactive 4 also comes preloaded with specified tracking for each activity. What’s more, when she’s traveling or out of ideas, it comes pre-loaded with workouts that can get her going when she’s uninspired or in a pinch.

It looks classic, and it comes with all sorts of great features that allow her to stream music, connects her to free running coaching and comes with a bevy of health and activity stats.

For an all-in-one health and fitness tracker, this is the perfect gift for a wife who seems to have everything but wants to kick her fitness and health up a notch.

$200 at Amazon

13. For the one who likes little luxuries: A plush robe

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

There’s a reason why robes are the ultimate go-to gifts for moms, they are easy, accessible luxury that we all love. This super-plush, spa-style robe comes in a gorgeous range of colors. The lovely jewel tones and the plush feel will make her feel like she’s enveloped in luxury.

$30 at Amazon

14. For the mom who loves her tunes: A Bose mini-speaker

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

You really can’t go wrong with a Bose Speaker. This mini speaker packs a supreme punch with astonishingly clear sound quality. It boasts a custom-designed transducer and passive radiators for crisp, balanced sound wherever they are. 

This sound beast in a tiny package has a 6-hour battery life and is also waterproof, dust-proof and temperature-protected, so it can join Mom at pool parties or winter expeditions without worry. 

$119 at Amazon

15. For the one who needs to destress: A lux weighted blanket

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

You can help your mom de-stress after a long day with this weighted blanket, which our Gift Guide editor loves and swears by.

This new Premium Sherpa Weighted Blanket by Luna is made from supremely soft, high-quality sherpa featuring a beautiful quilted construction for ultimate coziness. The comfy throw blanket is available in four colors, two sizes and two weight options (10 or 15 pounds) — and it’s guaranteed to be Mom’s favorite new blanket.

$77 at Amazon

16. For the one who needs her tea time: A Vahdam tea sampler

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

If she hasn’t tried Vahdam teas, she doesn’t know what she’s been missing. Tea time will take on a whole new flavor with this sampler set that features some of Vahdam’s best-selling and most intriguing flavors.

Vahdam sources, packages and ships directly from the source in India. They minimized the supply chain and put an emphasis on the quality and freshness of their teas, as well as the welfare of their tea growers.

There is a reason why Oprah Winfrey consistently lists Vahdam teas as her favorites—and Mom deserves to live like Oprah for a few minutes a day, at the very least. Pair these with a stunning glass tea cup for a truly comforting gift.

$25 at Amazon

17. For the one who wants some quiet time: SleepPhones

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

For a comforting, cozy fit that blocks out sound and won’t fall out of your ears when you’re sleeping, SleepPhones will make every night more restful. 

Not only did our reviewers find these to be “beyond comfortable” (their motto is literally “pajamas for your ears”) but they loved how the SleepPhones they tried fully blocked out nearby snoring sounds, giving them a peaceful and restful sleep. 

$100 at Amazon

18. For the one who wants to sleep in: A luxurious eye mask

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

If she’s been having some sleepless nights, a good sleep mask may just be the apology she deserves. We take sleep very seriously here at Reviewed and the Mzoo Sleep Mask is our absolute favorite for cutting out the light and for cupping our eyes in a gentle and comforting way. 

The secure and stretchy band makes it adjustable so it works for all types of sleepers. 

$17 at Amazon

19. For the mom who needs a personal assistant: An Echo Show

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

Alexa, what’s the best gift to give a busy mom? The Echo Show 8 (second-gen) is the personal assistant Mom needs to manage her day and a busy household. Plus, it’s fun!

The Echo Show 8 is, essentially, a smaller, more affordable version of the full Show, with a compact design and a sleek, new screen. This updated Echo makes all of Mom’s to-do tasks easier, including reordering supplies, setting timers, getting news updates and making video calls to family far away.

$75 at Amazon

20. For the mom whose feet need comfort: A cozy set of Ugg Scuffette slippers

Last-minute Mother's Day gift for wives

We are sure Mom has a robe from Mother’s Day gifts of years’ past. What pairs perfectly with that robe? A pair of fantastic Ugg slippers. Voted “best slipper for women” the Ugg Scuffette will keep her feet warm and comforted, without making them sweaty. 

We’ve waxed poetic about these celebrity-approved slippers on more than one occasion. These are the slippers Mom wants but may not splurge on for herself.

$95 at Amazon

21. For the one who loves to game: The Backbone One iPhone game controller

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

If she is passionate about her gaming, she’ll love the Backbone One iPhone game controller.

Our reviewers say it’s the best controller you can get for your phone thanks to its fun-to-use buttons and quality hardware. They also love the excellent software that beefs up the experience with extras like gameplay recording and voice chat. 

$100 at Amazon

22. For the one who wants to cut down on cook time: A Ninja Speedi air fryer

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

When it comes to air frying, the Ninja Speedi is easily the best air fryer we’ve tried. During our tests, French fries and chicken nuggets came brown and perfectly crisp and exceptionally evenly cooked throughout. You’d never be able to tell the difference between ones made in this air fryer and one made in a pot of oil.

While the Ninja Speedi smoked the competition as the best air fryer we’ve tested, it does so much more than air frying alone. It’s also a multicooker with steam technology and it has 9 additional settings for everything from baking to proofing bread.

$150 at Amazon

23. For the one who loves a good book: Kindle 11th Edition

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

For the one that loves to read, give her the gift of an endless supply of books.

The 11th edition of the Amazon Kindle is our testers’ favorite e-reader, thanks to its vast storage and crisp display. It holds an astonishing amount of downloads—both from the Amazon library and your local public library. Plus the back light ensures that she never needs to sneak a flashlight under the covers when she’s hooked on her favorite page-turners.

$120 at Amazon

24. For the one who wants a great night’s sleep: Eberjay Pajamas

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts for wives

For a fabulous night of beauty rest, these are best pajamas for women that we’ve tested. Made from silky smooth fabric that’s lightweight and oh-so cozy the Eberjey Gisele PJ Set is definitely a splurge-worthy pajama set that will make her feel like a queen.

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable, but no less luxurious set, we are also big fans of Ekouaer sleepwear, which has some of the best affordable luxury pieces around.

$138 at Amazon

$50 at Amazon

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