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After winning the Greek league, Levi Garcia aims for more success


AEK Athens midfielder Levi Garcia -
AEK Athens midfielder Levi Garcia –

After helping AEK Athens to the 2022/2023 Greek Super League title with a team-leading 14 goals, Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Levi Garcia is eager for more success. Garcia described it as a “fantastic” season and the best of his three years at the club, and said it will push him to do more.

AEK Athens defeated NFC Volos 4-0 on Sunday to take the lead with 83 points.

Primarily known as a direct threat in the box, Garcia showed his playmaking ability, including assisting team-mate Orvelin Pineda’s third goal in the 59th minute. It was the club’s 13th league title and the first since Garcia’s arrival.

The Sanra Flora-born footballer finished second in the Golden Boot Awards behind Olympiacos’ Cedric Bucumb with 18 goals.

He recorded five assists during the season.

AEK Athens midfielder Levi Garcia celebrates with the Greek Super League trophy on Sunday. –

AEK Athens’ next game will be against PAOK Thessaloniki FC on 24 May in the Greek Cup final.

Garcia told Newsday on Monday that it’s been a “really, really long season” but it’s not over yet.

“(We) have one trophy in the bag and hopefully we can win another one on top of that.”

He said he was happy with his performance so far despite picking up minor injuries during the season, calling it “a few issues”.

“But I’m really, really happy with myself and I believe I can do more and hopefully I can do that in the near future.”

He said staying fit and healthy is important and he will continue to adhere to his training regimen.

Throughout the season there were several rumors that major international clubs were interested in signing him. Teams reportedly scouting him include Bundesliga title contenders Borussia Dortmund, French club Lille and Scottish champions Celtic.

Despite speculation, Garcia has continued to play and said this is something the player will deal with throughout his career. But certainly, he says, it can be hard to ignore these developments.

AEK Athens footballer Levi Garcia celebrates winning the Greek Superleague title with his family. –

“I try my best not to care as much, but when I ask what kind of clubs are interested in you as much as you want to block it, it (sometimes) goes like this: What!?’ But you have to block it out and stay focused on the goals and tasks at hand.”

Garcia intends to remain at AEK Athens as he still has two years left on his contract.

But he added, “Whatever happens in the future, we’ll know as things unfold…”

Garcia and AEK Athens were flooded with support for Garcia and AEK Athens on social media, which he said was a “big surprise” for him.

“I didn’t know so many people follow me and some are just getting to know me.

“Thank you for the love and it was really nice to see the support, and you know, this keeps you going.”

In addition to this, he has the support of his fiancée and their two children who live with them in Greece. He said this was another big factor in him being able to give his best.

“Everyone knows I come from a big family with many siblings, but they played a big role in my career as well. Having is really what drives me.

“Some days I come home with stress and stuff, but they take a lot of pain out, help me recover faster and keep me moving forward.”

He said he learned a lot this season and credited it to his coaches, teammates and himself.

“The amount of effort you put into the trade is usually what you get out of it…I’ve worked really, really hard this season, from preseason to now, and I will continue to work hard.”

He also said he was looking forward to returning to the national team as the TT representative as the Gold Cup qualifiers approached.

After missing out on direct qualification, the TT and 11 other teams will battle for the final three spots in the tournament.

The qualifying tournament will take place June 16-20 in Florida, USA, while the Gold Cup will take place June 24-July 16 in the US and Canada.

Garcia missed March’s Concav Nations League due to injury and the TT drew 1-1 with Nicaragua, meaning the TT missed promotion to League A and automatically qualified for the Gold Cup. I couldn’t do it.

He told Newsday: “It’s a real shame we didn’t make it last time, but we still have a chance.

“I’ll do my best… It’s a team sport, but I’ll do my best by making the most of my experience and what I can do.”

The TT Football Association (TTFA) then congratulated Garcia on social media.

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