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By Mark Terry
May 26, 2023

bio buzzThe Philadelphia region includes all of Delaware and southern New Jersey. The fastest growing corners of this coverage area are the suburban Philadelphia counties such as Montgomery and Bucks counties, and the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania bordering Lehigh and Northampton counties. The canyon is about 130 miles from Manhattan and about 90 miles from New York Harbor.

Over 170 life sciences companies employ 6,577 people, and Lehigh Valley businesses have added 1.3 million square feet of space in the past two years.

Don Cunningham, President and CEO Economic Development in the Lehigh Valleytalked with bio buzz About the region and recent activities.

Don Cunningham, President and CEO, Lehigh Valley Economic Development CorporationSource: LVED)

“Being close to New York and Philadelphia benefits us, and being able to sit here and have instant access to one-third of the U.S. consumer is a huge part of it,” Cunningham said. Told. “But we’re kind of like our own ecosystem and our own economy that’s not really co-dependent on Philadelphia or New York. We’re not really a commuter market to those areas. .”

For decades, the area was the center of the country’s steel and textile industries. The American steel industry largely collapsed in his 1990s, and Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), the world’s largest steel producer and shipbuilding company, closed much of its business in his 1990s and remained in business until 2003. completely disbanded.

“Their headquarters were here,” Mr Cunningham said. “And their home base was eight miles along the river, on 1,800 acres.

Most of it has been redeveloped for mixed use. Home to several technology centers, eventually home to semiconductor maker IQE and a medical device manufacturer, Amazon now has a large facility. Of course, there are public parks, casinos, and performing arts centers.

“Basically 25 years later, 85% of the old steel land has been redeveloped and reused.

Recent Life Science Expansion

With over 170 life sciences companies in our ecosystem, we have a lot of news. Below he gives four examples.

B. Braun Medical adds 310,000 square feet

In the second half of 2022, B. Brown Medicala leader in smart infusion therapy and other pharmacy products, It was opened A $200+ million expansion of its campus near Allentown, Pennsylvania. The expansion will add 310,000 square feet and is expected to create more than 200 jobs over the next few years. Based in Germany, B. Braun has been operating in the Lehigh Valley since 1979, opening the Allentown plant in 1985 and expanding its footprint several times.

On March 7, 2023, we will announced B. Braun e-University is an online education platform for healthcare providers. Our focus is to help improve clinical practice and patient care, offering live and virtual clinical and technical training. We host over 50 on-demand and microlearning video courses covering a variety of clinical device technologies.

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OraSure Technologies Expands Manufacturing of Home COVID-19 Tests

Orasure Technologiesis a Bethlehem-based developer and manufacturer of point-of-care diagnostic and specimen collection devices. Added 139,000 square feet of manufacturing space will be added to the Bethlehem Township facility in October 2022. This was to ramp up production of InteliSwab, the company’s rapid COVID-19 test. The expansion was expected to maintain 233 existing jobs and create 177 new full-time jobs.

May 10, 2023, OraSure report First quarter 2023 revenue of $155 million. We also announced three new molecular partnerships following recent deals with Quest Diagnostics and Grifols.

Olympus to Build Logistics and Service Center in Bethlehem

headquartered in Japan Olympus Corporation. has its US headquarters in the Lehigh Valley. In May 2022, the company will announced The plan is to build a microscope repair and distribution facility in Bethlehem. The center, which will open in the summer of 2022, will have 30 of his employees.

On May 2, 2023, we will announced The FDA has received approval for the new EVIS X1 endoscopy system and two compatible gastrointestinal endoscopes, the GIF-1100 GI videoscope and the CF-HA1100DL/I colon videoscope.

Sharp Obtains Foreign Trade Zone Designation

In November 2022, sharpLocated in Upper Mackenzie Township, received Designation of a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). This saves Sharp’s customers time and money associated with certain contract services. Also, the company’s customers can store and pack products according to Sharp’s FTZ regulations. As a result, the company, which already has about 1,300 employees in the Lehigh Valley, is expected to hire more.

why lehi?

As Cunningham noted, in addition to being easily accessible to New York City and Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley also includes the St. Luke’s University Health Network, the Lehigh Valley Health Network, and the Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute. It is home to a world-class healthcare system such as Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance.

The area is known for its affordable office and industrial space and access to talent. The area has the fastest growing population in Pennsylvania between the ages of 18 and her 34, and is home to 11 colleges.

Mr Cunningham said: “We are a coalition of employers, universities, community organizations and local governments, and every three years we strategically assess what our assets are and what we can do to grow our economy. And you always leverage what you already have.We are among the top 50 manufacturing centers in the country.Manufacturing accounts for 18% of the total economy compared to 12% in the US. % And we have an educational infrastructure both at the field skill training level and at the higher end R&D, engineering and scientist level.The market has grown tremendously, especially in the medical device and medical diagnostics sector. Since it has evolved into a

The region is very strong in the biomanufacturing sector, fill-and-finish type biopharmaceutical facilities, and medical device companies.

“I would say that we are an interesting extension of the Philadelphia market with a production and manufacturing focus,” said Cunningham. “Nevertheless, we are an up-and-coming life sciences market, fueled by a unique ecosystem of universities and technical schools, and on the east coast, he said, the land and labor available between two major cities there is.”

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