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6 Questions for Dr. Barbara Sturm

Note: All content and information in this article is for informational purposes only. Consult a medical professional before starting a new skin care regimen.

I’m Melis Del Rey, General Manager of Beauty & Beauty Technology, Amazon US Stores. We talked about a variety of topics, from skin care to management. Join the conversation below to get Dr. Sturm’s top 5 summer skin care tips.

Del Rey: What is it like to be both a healthcare professional and an entrepreneur?

Dr. Sturm: As a doctor, hearing “You changed my skin” gets me out of bed in the morning. My passion for inventing new solutions for my patients has driven my scientific research for the past two decades. I’ve been As a leader, I am a changing cult. It’s probably a mix of exciting and impossible things for the amazing people I work with, but as a team, we’re committed to making the best skin care in the world.

Del Rey: As a practitioner It is very rewarding to be able to help patients. But in the realm of your skin care, you can extend this help to millions. Can you tell us why she chose to sell the brand in her Luxury Stores on Amazon?

Dr. Sturm: An important part of my job is making my products easily accessible.Luxury Stores at Amazon make STURMGLOW and my anti-inflammatory philosophy available to customers who are already shopping. gives you an opportunity.

Del Rey: We know that inflammation is a response of the body’s immune system, but how is it related to skin conditions? Could you please explain?

Dr. Sturm: Inflammation is a leading cause of skin ailments and dysfunctions, from hyperpigmentation and premature aging to eczema and acne, and everything in between. Acute inflammation is caused by irritants such as UV rays, pollution, allergens, radiation, perfumes, aggressive skin care ingredients and harsh treatments, smoking, drinking alcohol, and foods that induce inflammation.

Skincare products from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

The ingredient science in my molecular cosmetics collection works to fight inflammation-mediated oxidation and provide skin barrier function, hydration, nourishment, and healing protection.

Del Rey: The science of ingredients is indeed very powerful. I am currently using the Exoso-Metic Face Serum and my skin has never looked better. I just launched a new line in Amazon’s luxury store. Shall we talk about that for a minute?

Dr. Sturm: My Microbiotic Collection is a skin care regimen designed for the next generation, with a special focus on bringing a healthier balance to teen and young adult skin. As an esthetician, I’ve seen girls in their late teens come in for a quick solution to acne scars and preventive Botox. So I started a virtual education series for her teens and young adults called Skin School to teach this generation about the science of skin. But I also realized they needed skin care solutions.

Skin care products from Dr. Barbara Sturm are displayed next to flowers.

Del Rey: Can you describe the Microbiotic line in one sentence?

Dr. Sturm: balance.

Del Rey: The pace of work is very busy, and as you say, balance is important. What keeps Dr. Sturm in balance? Anything you’re into right now?

Dr. Sturm: Adopting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is key to keeping inflammation at bay. Part of it is movement.Her Daughter Charlie Taught Me Bryony Dearie’s Pilates MethodAnd now I love her I follow my classes online. This is a great and relaxing way to stay healthy and flexible.

Del Rey: Thank you for sitting with us, Dr. Sturm.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Microbiotic Collection is now Available at a high-end Amazon store.

Here are 5 tips from Dr. Sturm on how to take care of your skin this summer.

1. Balance is everything.

The biggest misconception is that regardless of skin condition, it should be aggressive rather than nurtured. Hydration and gentle healing are required. The purpose of skin care is to relieve inflammation, not to cause it. Quick Fixes Topical acids or aggressive lasers destroy healthy skin cells. should never cause discomfort. The idea that you need to “feel the burn” to get results is a dangerous myth in the beauty and skincare community.

2. Find the routine.

For acne-prone skin, we recommend Microbiotics Collection, which includes Gentle Cleansing Balm, Hydrating Blemish Control HA Serum and Balancing Face Cream. Use daily in this order and add Stinky People Treatment as needed.

A skin care product is applied to a flat surface.

3. Proper use according to the season.

During the warmer months, I like to switch to lighter textured products instead of heavy creams like Face Cream Light. I like to keep my hyaluronic serum in the fridge so I can apply it first thing in the morning, wake up my skin after spending time in the heat, or wake it up with a cool, hydrating boost. Good C Vitamin C Serum helps combat hyperpigmentation and should be applied before sunscreen.

4. Don’t skimp on water.

I also apply a face mask and leave it on for 30 minutes after sun exposure each day.

5. I believe that healthy skin doesn’t need makeup.

I learned from my mother at a young age that healthy, hydrated skin is beautiful on its own without makeup. It’s also an approach.

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