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10 travel toiletry bottles tested by our editors

Beauty and skin care products such as shampoos, moisturizers and facial cleansers are essential on every luggage list, whether you’re heading to a hotel or staying with friends and family. Because it can be expensive and you usually end up buying a lot of single-use plastic, you need a practical and reliable toiletry travel bottle that you can pull out on every trip.

To make sure the reusable bottles we put in our Dopp kits are easy to use and leak proof, we tested a variety of affordable travel sets to see which one really works. Below are 10 of the best travel toiletry bottles to protect the contents of your luggage and all the creams, soaps and serums you buy so you can keep them protected and organized on the go. Even better, these picks are all TSA-friendly sized, so you won’t have to worry about throwing away your essentials at the airport. As an added bonus, many of these travel bottles are available on Amazon Prime, so you can grab them before that last minute vacation.

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We searched various retailers, read hundreds of reviews, reviewed online ratings, and scoured the internet to find the most popular travel toiletry bottles. After our initial research, we tested these reusable toiletry bottles and tried dozens of options ranging in price, size, and design. I’ve had these toiletry bottles for over a year and they’ve accompanied me on a week’s vacation in checked luggage combined with a short weekend trip in a tightly packed duffle bag.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve tested a batch of different options.We’ve put a variety of skin and hair care products into them.It includes a rich body wash, micellar water, and a leave-in conditioner. I turned the container upside down overnight to see if there were any unexpected leaks. there is no. Below are the best travel toiletry bottles for where you’re heading next.

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Cadence Capsule Flex System

$98.00, Cadence

Rrwin 4-in-1 Travel Dispenser

$18.00, Amazon

Valourgo travel bottle

$11.00, Amazon

Reese Essential Travel Bottle

$18.00, Sephora

Gemice travel bottle

$15.00, Amazon

LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Bottle with Suction Cup

$17.00, Amazon

Kiasona Travel Soap Box

$6.00, Amazon

Morfone Travel Bottle Set of 16

$15.00, Amazon

Kitsch Ultimate Travel Set

$14.00, Amazon

Muslish 21 Pack Silicone Travel Set

$25.00, Amazon

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